February update – RAIN!

This has been the wettest month we have ever had here. It has stayed unusually warm, but we have had very few dry days. The Dordogne river is overflowing and we are very glad that we do not live in the valley!

The almond tree has started to flower. It’s too early and any late frosts will wipe out any crop.


In the vegetable garden, we continue to reap a range of salad leaves.  I sowed new seeds a fortnight ago and they have survived all the rain – so far!  Kale and Brussels Sprouts continue to provide tasty vegetables  -even thought strong winds blew over the sprouts.  Great crops to have over winter.


The carrots and onions I planted mid winter are surviving too – spinach in the front here also coping with the weird weather.IMG_5274-1

I pulled up the last of the carrots this week. As I do this I top up the beds with well rotted manure . I am very keen on the no-dig approach of Charles Dowding.  Celery in the back of the photo took a knock when we had a couple of days of frost, but has produced some new stems which are fine for cooking.IMG_5273

I have planted some carrot and parsnips – probably a bit early, but I am hoping that by putting fleece over them they will germinate and have a early start when its warms up more in spring.


The wet weather has been very frustrating – but finally today I was able to get started digging trenches for potatoes.  It is wet and muddy, but such a good feeling to get started.  My back is complaining though!IMG_5281

I am chitting the early potatoes – putting them in egg boxes is ideal!IMG_5282

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