March update

I am currently away but C is taking some photos for me to keep me abreast of what is happening in the garden.

In the background, the potatoes patch ready for planting. In the foreground Tourchon carrots have survived winter so far, Onions, rouge de florence next to them looking good as well. The spinach, Geant de Hiver on the right. Not wildly impressed with the flavour – will look for a different variety next winter. Last of Bruseel sprouts picked this week. They have been fantastic croppers.

IMG_5549Garlic has grown well (on the left) In the bed not eh right the last of the Calvolo Nero (kale) It has been a great winter crop, but is now starting to flower so ready to come out. Coriander behind it – amazing how this apparently fragile leaf survives frost and cold!  The same with the lettuce leaves – Chene – been a wonderful source of salad all through the winter.IMG_5551 The last of an earlier crop of coriander is now in full flower.IMG_5553 Hard to see in the photo, but parsnips have sprouted.  Spring onions on the right.IMG_5554 Broad beans and peas looking good. Netted to stop hungry birds taking the seeds or damaging young plants, but netting needs to come off now.IMG_5556

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