Aargh….this weather!

Once again my hopes that the weather was returning to “normal” have been dashed. After a very short period of warmer sunnier weather at the end of April we have had the coldest wettest May since we have been here. My rain log below tells the sorry story:

Rainfall pattern has been completely different this year!

The grass has greened up and the trees are grateful for a good soaking, but my potager is crying out for sunshine. Without the warmth, growth of the heat loving peppers, aubergines and tomatoes has almost come to a standstill

Tomatoes have grown a little, but not as much as expected and leaves of aubergines in the next bed are yellowing without warmth.
Peppers and chillies have not grown at all and are not looking great. I should not have been so hasty in taking the fleece off.
Cucumbers have succumbed to the cold and wet, so replanted this week – within the plastic bottle collar to keep away slugs from newly germinated shoots

The other frustration this week is the realisation that my onions have been attacked by allium leaf miner. It has long been an issue in Europe, and I have had problems with leeks, but this is the first time my onion crop has been attacked. A small fly lays its eggs in the leaf and the larvae tunnel their way down the leaf damaging the leaves and causing damage and often soft rot in the bulb.

Curling leaf and in some cases rotting bulb already evident. So frustrating!

I do not like to use chemical insecticides in my garden, but there do seem to be some biological alternatives to coping with leaf miner which I will investigate for next year. The best method has been covering with anti-insect voile but that is not practical for such a large crop.

Carrots and leeks successfully protected from carrot fly and allium leaf miner with voile. Easy to do in the raised beds

But all is not sadness and frustration in my garden 🙂 I’m picking fennel, broad beans and pak choi and delicious small beetroot. The row covers over my early brassicas came off this week and they’re looking good too

Cabbage, cauliflower and calabrese unaffected by the colder weather.

The stony bank at the one edge of the raised bed area has always been a bit of an eyesore as it is too rocky, dry and steep to plant grass. I planted rosemary on the one side of this bank 2 years ago and it has done fantastically, so I’m trying to plant a bank of thyme on the other side.

Rosemary fills an untidy area well.
I’m hoping the different varieties of thyme will fill this area.
Potatoes have been happy with all the rain and the first ones are flowering – I’m hoping to pick some new potatoes (yum!) in the next fortnight
The rhubarb plant is huge!

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