“Easter Egg Hunting”

In Holland, my children used to call my daily search in spring for signs of life from the hundreds of bulbs I planted each year “Mum’s Easter Egg Hunt”  I often think of that in my morning stroll through the vegetable garden; this time of year is so exciting as the long warm days (and this year all the rain) result in incredible growth. I get such a thrill when I discover ripening produce!

Planted out purple sprouting broccoli, kale, romanesco and broccoli seedlings last week. Flea beetles still a menace though 😦  Seeded in-situ, red and yellow beetroot, spicy salad leaves and Craquerelle lettuce. Harvested all the early potatoes this week, in order to make space for a second planting which should give us new baby potatoes in September. Potatoes crops have been superb this year

And now my “Easter Eggs”!

French green beans – at this stage not many get to the table as we both eat them in the garden!

Onions. I’m picking white, yellow and red for the kitchen already.

Sweetcorn.  Planted a new variety called Fantastic this year. They are not tall which has been great because the taller varieties get blown over by strong winds.
Cherry tomatoes. Losetto.  I choose tomato varieties for their blight resistance, as I don’t like to spray, but this year I am worried because of all the rain and heat we have had. But so far, so good.

Salad tomatoes, Maestria 
Plum tomatoes, Uriburi.
Tomatillos, seed bought in the USA – for making salsa

Small aubergines, Ophelia. I’ve been trying to find small aubergines for ages, so I am thrilled with these. Wonderful for Chinese recipes.
Anaheim chillies. “My chilli”  (i.e. not as hot as Craig’s!) which are great for making pepper poppas (stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon)
Cucumber – they literally grow a centimetre each day!
Butternut – the plants are growing an an incredible pace, and small fruit already forming, tucked under the leavesAnd a suprise discovery! He found a good home to shelter from the storms we have had recently!

We lost quite a few apples and pears in the 100km winds we had last week, but still more than enough on the trees to feed us.

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