Mid-June already!

I can’t quite believe it’s the middle of June already. I’m so enjoying the unrestricted time in my garden and kitchen; Coid-19 lockdown has not been difficult at all for me. Of course, the unusually mild weather (and this week, rain at last!) has been ideal. Things are growing fast in the potager. All the tomatoes are flowering and some fruit has set.
The yellow courgettes (Yellowfin) are producing, but I must admit I don’t think the flavour is so special. They do look gorgeous though!

Another plant that looks gorgeous is the Romanesco. The variety Veronica is a great success.
Second planting of sweetcorn was a disaster; I thought it was pigeons eating the newly planted seed, so covered the next planting with fleece. Still eaten!  Then I put down mouse traps, and voila!  Third and final planting (first week of June) and I hope nothing else eats them.
We’ve been harvesting potatoes since the last week of May. The early Jeanette (cross between Franceline and Charlotte) are producing about 1 kg per plant and are very tasty. Will definitely plant them again.  No sign of doryphores ( Colorado beetle) ….. yet……
Harvested and bottled 9 jars of beetroot (d’Egypte) this week.  Planted a row of Sansoucy beans and spring onions in their place.  Carrots under net in this photo (against carrot fly) seem to be doing well and the young carrots I picked had no damage.Other plantings last week – courgette Italian green, cucumber Paksa, carrots  Chanteney.  Potted out winter brassicas: brussels Doric, kale Calvolo Nero,  purple srpouting broccoli,  cauliflower  Boule de Neige, romanesco Veronica, and Brocolli Calabrese.
In seed trays this week, fennel,  lettuce, parsley, Chinese cabbage
Onions are doing well and I am harvesting young ones. Borlotti beans have overcome the snails and are growing at an incredible rate.
Removed the last of the plastic sheeting to allow the butternut to spread.
Chinese  cabbage Wai Sai is ready to pick and the cucumber Paksa has small fruit on it.




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