Mid-May plantings

Working in the garden in the early morning this time of year is glorious. Such a haven of tranquility and enjoyment!

The unusually warm weather continues, and so everything is growing so fast.  It is interesting to compare the photo of the tomatoes in my previous post with this one taken yesterday (so only 10 days difference) to see how quickly they are growing. They are flowering already!

Fennel is looking good
Aubergine Barbentane and Ophelia were slow to take off, but clearly appreciate the warmer weather now.

Tomatillos (and potatoes) are also flowering
Chinese cabbage needs to be released from it’s flea beetle cover. Cucumber Paksa to the left of the cabbage. Planted snacking cucumber (Mini March) on the other side of the frame this week.

Planted out stem celery, lettuce (Craquerelle du midi) fennel (Orion) and beetroot (Walthams) this week.  French beans (Sanssoucy) protected against snails with collars made from water bottles.  I use the organic snail pellets, but even these don’t deter the snail from young beans.
The same goes for the soya beans (for edamame) – after two lots of replants I have finally succeeded in replacing chomped plants but putting collars around them too
Second batch of sweetcorn planted this week,
In seed trays this week: parsley, basil, tai sai, purple sprouting broccoli and kale.

Vegetables can also be pretty!  Chives flowering, broad leaf of sage and finer leaves of tarragon make a pretty bouquet 🙂


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