No late frost this year!

So today marks the first day of the Saints de Glaces and look at the forecast for the next 10 days! It is unbelievably warm for this time of year.Strawberries are ripening fast. I don’t think I’ve ever had as good a crop as this. They are delicious – so much tastier than greenhouse grown strawberries sold in the shops.I picked the last of the broad beans this week, but peas still producing vigorously
With the warmer weather we have had for the past month everything has grown much faster than usual. There is no way I could have protected my potatoes, which are starting to flower already, against frost.

Sweetcorn planted last month have all germinated – also about a month earlier than usual.

Butternut planted out. I keep the plastic sheeting on for as long as possible to control weed growth. Rhubarb is already huge!

Tomatoes planted out; 2 Losetto, 2 Cytrynek Groniasty, 7 Uriburi, 5 Previa and 5 Maestria.
Peppers and chillies planted out last week.
The rust on the garlic has been dreadful. I’ve cut off the diseased leaves and hope the plants will be able to produce semi-decent bulbs.  I’ve interplanted with broccoli, and cauliflower, and this week put in a row of soya beans ( for edamame) and French beans.
A second crop of pak choi undercover ( to protect them from flea beetles – damned little things are a real pest!) as well as Chinese cabbage. One cucumber, Paksa, planted out on the frame; they are so productive that only one plant as a time is more than enough
Borlotti and  big white bean, Pienky Jas, planted 7 May.  They require warm weather to germinate, so also an early planting this year.  I wonder if we are going to have a very long, hot and dry summer……



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