Hooray, it’s raining!

I never thought I would be so glad to see rain in April. We’ve had an incredibly dry, warm early spring this year, and as we inch towards the Saints de Glace (11-13 May this year) it seems like for the first time this ancient adage (frost up to these days) will not come true. Maybe…….  So I keep my tender seedlings in the garage just in case.  I’ve finally moved the curry plant (on the left in this photo) out of our bedroom (!!) It certainly appreciated the coddling and has grown really well. 
The warm weather has meant that everything is growing faster than usual for this time of year:Broad beans are ready to pick and we are eating peas (few actually get to the pot this time of year as we both love fresh peas and nibble them constantly)All the potatoes have sprouted and with the rain it has been easier to start the mounding process. Planted one block of sweetcorn 19 April – now under fleece as it requires reasonable warmth to germinate. Will plant a second block in a months time.
I picked the last of my leeks this week, but chard and celery still doing well (Dutch leaf celery, which does not frost off like other celery)  CCA lettuce, coriander, dill and spring onion are now pickable. So good to have fresh salad ingredients, especially during this lockdown period. Strawberries have taken off and are full of fruit. Raspberries flowering too.Just before the lockdown, my neighbour Jean-Paul came to help me prune my espalier apples. They are looking good now; won’t have much fruit this year as we did quite a lot of corrective pruning (to correct my mistakes from last year!) but hopefully it will pay off next year.
Interesting how much slower the Gala apple grows (the other one is a St Germaine)
Espalier training has been a steep learning curve, but I get such a kick out of knowing that these trees were just tiny little sticks 5 years ago. I still remember thinking “what I have I done!” when I first planted the bare rooted scions in pots and pruned them hard. This photo taken in January 2015 

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