Spring Temptation

It’s that time of year when my itchy fingers get the better of me.  Both my avid gardener neighbours are out in their potagers, preparing the soil to plant in the next few weeks.  I just can’t wait that long! I know, I know – I should wait for the St Glace days (first week of May) and each year since I have gardened here we have had a late frost end of April, early May. But for me it is worth the risk, and lots of covering in fleece, to get a crop in early.

The weather has been quite unusual – really warm for about two weeks, then suddenly the north wind brought very cold mornings. I fleece all seedlings at this stage, apart from young peas.

Pak choi, lettuce (craquerelle du midi – my favourite, small crunchy lettuce) fennel, beetroot and early leeks

Second planting of peas, Romanesco with interplanting of lettuce.
Because of the warm days I brought out my basil, aubergine, pepper and chilli seedlings  during the day. Now I have moved them permanently outside under cover (in the open garage)  to harden off before planting out mid May.
Onion seedlings have transplanted well. I will take the fleece off permanently this week.
Early potatoes, Jeanette, are sprouting. No sign of the others, though I check every day 😀
The fruit trees are all flowering – I hope that this year we might get enough cherries on this tree to feed the birds and us!  
The bees are very active this time of year. I leave the Calvolo Nero (kale) to flower to collect seed. But it is also a favourite for bees, both wild and domestic.

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