March plantings

We are currently in a Corona virus lockdown; no going out unless essential. We’ve not been out of Les B for 10 days now, but the weather has been good and I have been able to get lots of gardening done. Yay!

A bit of catch-up on sowings:

22nd March: Craig put up the mini serre (greenhouse) so I could harden off my seedlings grown inside17th March : Planted out onion seedlings. Covered with fleece
18th March:  Planted bulb onions. The green poles are in place for borlotti and butter beans (climbing) which I sow end of April.Week of Mid-March: Planted under fleece, beetroot (Bolthardy), lettuce (Chene blonde) spring onions, coriander and dill.
Grapes on pergolas pruned this week.21st March: Planted first early potatoes. New variety called Jeanette ( my sister’s name, so of course I couldn’t resist them )

22nd March: Sowed Carrot Amsterdam, under fleece.

Today 24th March: Continuing planting other potatoes. 1 row each of Maris Piper, Sarpo Mira and Charlotte.

During the lockdown the only vegetables we are having to buy are onions. We still have potatoes and butternut in the barn, and are picking chard, leeks (nearly finished!) Brussels sprouts, lettuce as well as coriander, dill, parsley and other herbs. Lots of bottled tomatoes and other preserved goods in the cave too. All we need is a cow and some chickens to be self-sufficient 🙂  Purple-sprouting broccoli comes to life a year after planting, but it is well worth the wait as it is delicious.The milder weather continues and the broad beans and peas are flowering and we’ve even eaten some mangetout. It’s too early – the plants can withstand some frost, but the flowers will not. Kale in the background of this photo is flowering – the bees love it!Grrr….garlic has some rust. Last year rust really damaged the plants – really limiting the size of the bulbs.  It’s a nasty disorder that is almost impossible to eradicate; all I can do is to take off leaves that shown signs of it and hope to keep the plants healthy enough to produce decent bulbs.


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