It really looks like the beginning of winter now with the forest changing colour daily.Today is  only our second day of no rain this month – 140mm in the first two weeks of November!  Compounding this is the fact that we have still had no frost, so most of my cleaning up has had to be delayed.  But today I was able to get into the garden and finally plant garlic. One long bed of Messidrome, planted at 18cm spacing.

Also planted peas (from seed saved from Petit Provencal plants) and broad beans, Feve de Seville. Covered with fleece to protect them from cold and hungry brids.
My Jen Frogs have gone into hibernation (packed away in my shed) and the little table looks bare without them. No frost means I am still picking fennel (small but tasty)  Chinese cabbage, leeks and celery will all cope with frost.
The purple sprouting broccoli is growing well – it will produce in March.
Brussels sprouts ready to eat – although they taste better after a frosting.
I’ve done a last picking of peppers, mild chillies, courgettes and butternut. Also dug potatoes – wonderful to have new potatoes this time of year!

So now I am ready for the frost – just hope it arrives soon. We really need it to kill off bugs and weeds.


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