Rain, rain, rain – and no frost

It’s hard to believe that 6 weeks ago I was desperate for rain. In October we had 140mm and in these first 5 days of November we have had 90mm. I am now desperate for it to stop, so that I can get into the garden to do all the preparations for winter.  It is the first year that there has been no frost, nor forecast of frost, by the end of the first week of November. The tomatoes do not cope with the wet weather – usually this time of year it is the frost that kills them off, so I’m hoping for a few hours of no rain to get them out.
Still harvesting peppers, peppadews and chillies, though the wet and cooler (it’s 9C today) do not favour further ripening

The pumpkin patch is looking really messy now, but I need drier weather to clean up, spread manure, then cover it up.
I harvested the butternut last week – 56 from only 3 plants!  They are incredible!  Some of them in the photo below.  The black eyed beans on the trellis in the background have dried well undercover and are ready to pick and store. Planted Provence Douce peas and Broad Beans (Feve de Seville) in seedling trays because I haven’t been able to clear the beds for planting.

The brassicas are doing really well – although snails and slugs abound in the wet weather.  Below, discussing the merits of Tuscan kale with my friend Di  with Brussels sprouts in the background, broccoli and cauliflower in the foreground.
I’ve now done the last of my bottling, and the cave is looking well stocked! By the end of the season I am tired of preserving, but it gives me such pleasure to use my own produce in he kitchen all year round.

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