Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes!

After the driest August and September we have ever had, the last week of September has finally brought some rain. What a relief! But for growing tomatoes, the hot dry weather is ideal and they have flourished.

These are Uriburi – a new plum (Roma) variety that I have grown for the first time. Perfect cooking tomatoes as they are felshy and with few seeds.  The plants got so heavy with fruit that they folded over, and still kept producing.  Way better than the variety San Marzano that I have planted before.The cherry tomatoes have also done superbly.  Most cherry tomatoes are bush tomatoes and do not respond well to pruning and staking. This year Craig made a “cage” from reinforcing mesh and it worked fantastically.  Only two plants of the red cherry tomato, Losetto, and it’s production was amazing.
My favourite tomato is a cherry from Poland called  Cytrynek Groniasty. It is sweet and juicy.

Of the standard salad/stuffing tomatoes, the new variety Defiant was excellent. A vigourous plant with tresses of good sized, tasty tomaotes
The Smaller salad tomato, Mountain Magic, produces small, crisp tomatoes – half the size of the Defiant, so great for snacking or in salads.
Right now I am tired of bottling tomatoes and look forward to the end of them!  I bottle about 100 bottles of cooking tomatoes, plus tomato soup, a range of different pasta sauces, Shakshuka, salsa, harissa, and chilli tomato jam.  Onions, peppers, garlic, celery etc all from the garden make these completely home produced!


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