A three week holiday….

It is incredible how quickly everything grows in summer.  I’ve been away for three weeks, and came back to a jungle – and a heatwave!  Fortunately my wonderful neighbour had come every second day while I was away to water the potager – otherwise everything would have been dead.

June 27th and the potager looked like this:
On my return, July 23rd, it looked like this!
After a day’s work though I had got it looking more respectable – although with temperatures hovering around 40C, and NO rain since mid June (and very little then) everything is very dry. To give you an idea of how many weeds there were – this was the winter brassica bed (on the right of the photo above)  The main culprit is purslane, which comes with my manure unfortunately.

Onions were ready to reap, and we had a great crop, in spite of the hot weather.

It is wonderful to pick lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers straight from the garden for meals.  Cucumbers thrive in the hot weather.

The grape vines had gone crazy and needed hard pruning.
Both the white grape on the front terrace and the black grape on the little potager pergola are full of grapes.
My stocking up of the cellar with preserves has started!


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