Garlic and lots more….

It’s been a busy month and I have not recorded enough, so a belated update.

Harvested garlic June 4th. Reasonable crop, even though they were covered in rust.  Leeks now covered to protect against leek moth. 
Borlotti. Mais and flat runner beans planted 23rd May.   Starting to climb now.
Courgettes now producing and new ones sprouting.  It’s still very variable temperature wise, but finally butternut taking off

Gem squash a little more protected by the compost heaps has grown much faster.  Planted lemongrass against this wall – hoping it will be protected enough to survive winter.

Peppers also starting to grow more vigourously now, but definitely slower than last year. They want hotter weather!
Harvested the first early potatoes this week. Delicious!  Second batch of sweetcorn planted 3rd June. Black plastic is covering area where butternut will spread to. I’m keeping it covered as long as possible to control weed growth.

Tomatoes growing well – although with more rain than usual the worry is always that they will get blight. So far so good, and I plant varieties that are reasonably resistant – I hope!
Harvested the last of the broad beans this week. Reaping Chinese cabbage, fennel, and peas,  and for the first time, Romanesco.  They are such magnificent plants!
The grape on the trellis is growing really well this year. I’ve pruned it heavily to control it, and cut away hundreds of bunches of grapes.

Close up to show how many bunches still remain!

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