Last Frost ( I hope!)

Hah – it serves me right for saying spring has arrived in my last post!   May 6th and we had a third frost in a week.  Of course my itchy fingers get the better of me and so  I’ve got tender plants in the potager  – without protection even a touch of frost will damage or destroy them.  So I’ve had a daily task this week of covering plants, where I can, with fleece for the night. Fortunately the frost was not too harsh – in the early morning photo below you can see that it was white in the orchard but only a touch of frost around the raised beds.
Pumpkin patch, being lower down, caught the frost though. Potatoes covered in the background, chillis in the tubs.  Onions cope with a light freezing.  The black plastic will keep the soil warmer so that I can plant sweetcorn soon.
Overturned plant pots gave protection to aubergine plants (netting to stop birds!)
It seems that the cold spell is over and I think I have been lucky. Everything in the raised beds in fine. The potatoes have been singed (all the brown patches) but they will recover.
I was worried about the grape which is full of tender shoots, but this morning it is looking fine. Phew!!  Winter is over, I hope…..


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