It’s definitely springtime!

Suddenly spring is on us!  Yes, I know, I know – I must wait for the Saints de Glace (the Saints of Ice) which fall on the 11-13th May, but I study the 10 day weather forecast every day to reassure myself that this year we will avoid one of the devastating late frosts. But I still keep my tender seedlings ( tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines are such wimps!) under cover, just in case!
But I’ve planted out hardier celeriac, Romanesco cauliflower, fennel and broccoli seedlings. Craig made me more frames for anti-insect/ bird covers which are fantastic for the early stages
As the days lengthen and warm up, growth increases so rapidly. Onions and potatoes shooting up now, and I’ve planted the first butternut and courgette seedlings. They do not like the cold, but will be easy enough to cover up if we get frost.  Black plastic still keeping the soil warmed so that I can plant my first sweetcorn next week.My “Jen Frogs” are out of their warm winter hibernation and back in place keeping an eye on my garden.

Pak Choi ready to harvest!

Fruit trees have been full of flower – and as long as we don’t get frost we should get a bumper crop this year
Walnuts are flowering too
The grape on the trellis in front of the house is growing by the day. This week I did the first pruning and removal of hundreds of small bunches of grapes, leaving only one on each branch.


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