End of March update

With really cold mornings, with only a little mild frost, and gloriously sunny days, it really feels like spring is here.

I planted onions yesterday – close to 500!  Keravel, Red Baron and Stuttgardt.The purple sprouting broccoli is sprouting!  Such a thrill when it finally (it takes a year!) produces. I’m harvesting chard, the last of the brussels and kale and only one leek left, so it is wonderful to have something else producing at this lean time. 
Coriander (next to the red toadstools) is an amazing plant- it looks so fragile, yet copes with the icy conditions in winter.  I’ve picked it all winter and it is still producing. Next to it are spring onions planted early October. Perfect timing as they were big enough to cope with winter and are now growing fast.   Coriander and dill planted next to it have germinated well.

Garlic is looking good and the grape on the pergola has big fat buds, ready to burst (not great if we get a heavy frost!)
Broad beans and peas are both flowering. The stones are there to hold the fleece down as  I cover them if frost is forecast. The plants are hardy, but I want to protect the flowers.

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