Early March – and the unusual weather continues

Last year the “Beast from the East” brought plummeting temperatures and snow to Europe at the end of February, this year a warm current of air from the South has brought recording breaking warm weather.  We’ve never had a range from frosty mornings to warm sunshine like this before!
It’s been wonderful for working in the garden though and I’ve taken the opportunity to haul barrowloads of soil to fill in the space between the raised beds and the Pumpkin Patch.  It’s tiring work, but great to see it start to take shape. The stone wall is created from stones I dig out of the garden, so it is a work in progress; the ultimate aim is to have it the same height as the base of the boxes so that I have a level area here.We’ve had almost no rain either, so I was thrilled this morning to wake to a soft drizzle which will help settle the soil I have carted.The soil came from a friend who was clearing a site for building – the big ugly heap on the front lawn is gradually getting smaller!

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