More sowing

The unusual weather continues….. Last week we had below zero in the morning and cracking frosts, yet by lunchtime the temperatures were up to 20C and I was working in the garden in short sleeves. It’s amazing!   I’ve made the most of it ( it can’t last!) to do a lot in the garden.

Planted outside, under fleece, 23rd February:
Lettuce Mesclun
Lettuce CCA spicy
Navet Milan rouge
Spinach  Géant d’hiver
Spring onion Freddy
Beetroot Bolthardy
The 2 beds of garlic are growing well, and the peas and broad beans (under fleece in background) have shot up in the past week. The grass even needs a cut !Indoor sowings 20 Feb:

Hot chilli
Doux d’Esagne
Pepper Roberta
Pepper Étudia
Pepper Yummy yellow
Spring onion Freddy
Spinach Matador
Aubergine de barbentane
Fennel Orion
Romanesco Veronica
Chicory Amarantha

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