First Frost – finally!

Brr… it’s cold. It was -3C when I got up this morning and the second day of frost.  But at last winter has arrived, and for the potager the frost brings added flavour to parnsips, Brussels sprouts and kale. It’s also essential for the formation of the cloves of garlic (apparently without the cold the bulb does not split into cloves) The onset of winter also gives me a chance to slow down too 🙂  and to take my time preparing the garden for the next season.I’ve spread manure over two quadrants of the Pumpkin Patch – for sweetcorn and onions. The other sections require slightly different preparation – one will have potatoes (I dig trenches and fill those with manure) and the other butternut (I fill a hole for each plant with manure)

I’m using grass clippings and garden refuse to help fill the bank behind the dry stone wall (a work in progress as I pull more stones out of the garden) This will compost down over time and ensure a fertile area once it is level.
Kale and purple sprouting broccoli frozen solid – it’s amazing how these plants survive, even thrive, in the cold!

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