End of Summer

Oh no!  It’s end of September and I haven’t posted since June.  Since this blog is primarily written to help me keep track of what and when I plant and harvest, I am going to write a number of posts today and back-date them to keep my recording accurate. My apologies to anyone who gets numerous notifications of new posts.

It has been an unusual summer; drier than we have ever experienced, no late frost, and warm, yet not as hot as 2016.  As an example, last year in September we had 115mm of rain, this year only 21mm.  From May to end September in 2017, we had a total of 415mm, this year a paltry 167mm.  The aerial shot below gives an idea of how brown everything is.  The trees in the forests are starting to show autumn colours early as a result of lack of water.
Thank goodness for having the drip irrigation in the potager! But my citern ran out of water very early on in the season, and  I try to use municipal water as sparingly as possible- hence the brown patches of unwatered grass. I know this will recover as soon as we have rain!In spite of this it  has been an incredibly productive year.  We’ve harvested more fruit than we can eat, and the vegetables have been superb. At this stage I’m tired of bottling and preserving and actually look forward to the first frost, when I can pack away my steriliser and have more time to relax!

2 thoughts on “End of Summer

    • Glad you are reading the posts – I love sharing what I am doing here! The onions have been fantastic. I thought I was crazy planting over 400 in total, but I am amazed by how many I have used already and I realise I will runout before next years crop is ready.


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