First potatoes!

The first new potatoes are the most delicious food!  I remember as a child getting such a thrill from digging potatoes and I still feel the same.  18th June, I dug Celtianes and they were superb. Baby marrows ( seed from Italy) have grown into enormous plants and are producing already too.Currently picking lettuce, cucumber, fennel, broccoli as well as peas and spring onions 
Gem squash are looking enormous!
I have taken the last big picking of peas today and will make a pea and mint torte for supper.

I will take the pea plants out next week – this time of year I run out of space to plant things!
Onion leaves starting to collapse which is a sign that they are nearly ready to be harvested. Once they have all fallen over, I will dig them up, then let them dry before stringing them and storing them.  Superb crop this year.
In the rest of the pumpkin patch, things are growing really fast. I took this photo a week ago, and in that time the butternut have grown to almost meet the sweetcorn!
Not the most attractive place with the ugly satellite dishes, but basil (on the right) loves it here.  Tomatillos (for salsa) in the middle planter, then hyssop and tarragon. I’ve planted box in between the planters to fill the space – I think the green block will look good.
The grapes are doing very well. The one on the trellis on the front of the house has masses of fruit, even though I have removed about two-thirds of the bunches already

I prune the vines every two weeks to keep them under control!
The new vine on the pergola in the potager is also growing fast and is already providing shade for me to drink tea here and survey my garden in the morning!

Plantings in the last two weeks include transplanting of autumn leeks, calvolo nero, cauliflower (boule de neige),  purple sprouting broccoli.  Seeded in situ between the leeks a half row of coriander and half of dill. Seeded a row of lettuce (Craquerelle) and fennel (Orion) Sowed further spring onions.

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