End of March update

The garden is at it’s least productive now and my fingers are itching to get planting.

Finally the purple stemmed broccoli is producing! It’s very pretty and wonderful to eat both raw and cooked. Planted this time last year, they require a lot of patience!
Kale is just starting to flower – wonderful for the bees, but also tasty cooked
I had warmed up the soil in one of the beds by covering it in fleece for two months, and into this I planted out coriander and spring onions seedlings on March 12th  Covered them with a new anti-insect hoop that Craig made me.  I’m thrilled with it – he has the amazing ability to translate my vague “couldn’t you make something that does this?”  into a perfect solution!

Seeded the following into the warmed bed, and then recovered with the fleece to aid germination. Our nights are still cold.

  • Carrot Touchon
  • Onions Rouge de Toscane
  • Lettuce : young leaf mix
  • Lettuce Chene rouge

    My seeding program inside continues: Peppers and chillis now potted out and moved from the warm laundry to another windowsill to start the hardening off process. After a week here I will move them outside under cover, before finally planting them out early May when all danger of frost is over.
    Ginger is growing well, but sweet potato not sprouting yet.Potatoes are nearly ready to be planted out:

Seeded indoors, 11th March:

  • Fennel Orion
  • Celery
  • Celeriac
  • Basil
  • Parsley (earlier seeding had zero germination)
  • Cauliflower Boule de Neige

29th March:

  • Broccoli Marathon
  • Broccoli Sticcoli
  • Broccoli Kai Laan
  • Brussels Sprouts Genius
  • Tomato Mountain Magic
  • Tomato Losetto
  • Tomato Merveille
  • Tomato Pazzano ( plum)
  • Lettuce Craquerelle du Midi
  • Melon SV6234MC
  • Gem Squash
  • Butternut
  • Cucumber Paksa
  • Cucumber Mini Stars

Now I just need to wait for spring to arrive!


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