My delivery of seeds arrived last week and I’m like a child unwrapping a Christmas present – it is such fun! Seed potatoes, sweet potato, onion sets and packets of seeds. Hooray!  In the bubble wrap are some new seed trays.

I’ve set up my laundry to start growing seedlings again. It worked really well last year; the room is light and warm and provides ideal germinating conditions.

Last week (9 Feb)  I sowed:

  • Onions: Freddy (spring onions) Tosca (shallots)
  • Coriander

This week: (15 Feb)

  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Chillis:  Tabasco, Habanero, Jalapeño, Cayenne, Inchanga
  • Peppers: Yummy Yellow, Roberta, Etiuda, Doux d’Espagne, Peppadew
  • Aubergine de Barbentane

I’ve started chitting the early and mid season potatoes Celtiane and Victoria in an unheated room.  They require light cool conditions to develop sprouts. It is not essential but I’ve always done it and it does speed up the growth in spring.

The potager continues to provide us with vegetables as we head towards the end of winter (I hope!) Still picking leeks and coriander. The Brussels sprouts have been superb, though next year I must stake them .

Calvolo Nero (Tuscan kale) is one of my favourite winter crops. It is superb braised with a little wine, in risottos and in soups.  You can see by the length of this bare stalk how much we have picked!  Behind it is the purple sprouting broccoli which has developed into  huge plants, but still no broccoli on them.
It is still very wet and difficult to work in the garden  – January we had a total of 210mm and half way through February we have had 55mm.



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