Rain, rain, rain

We’ve had one of the wettest winters on record and apart from a really cold spell mid December, it has been warmer than usual. We desperately need a few weeks of really cold weather to reduce the slug and bug population. It is way to wet to do any work in the garden – the grass between the raised beds is squelching and if I walk in the pumpkin patch, I sink into the sodden soil. It’s awful! But I’ve been busy with one of my favourite winter time activities – browsing seed catalogues! My preferred supplier here is Baumaux  as they have a really good range of seeds and equipment like seed trays.  I’m glad I covered the big pile of manure (under the blue tarpaulin) to keep it from becoming waterloggedOn the plus side, the milder weather has meant I have had good germination of garlic, spring peas and broad beans. !00% germination of garlic!  
The beans and peas are still covered to protect them from hungry birds.
I’m still picking leeks (it was really worth covering them throughout summer as I have no miner moth damage this year) kale, Brussel sprouts, spicy lettuce leaves and beetroot.  Coriander is doing well, and celery and chard still providing some leaves – although I notice some rotting at the core given all the rain.

My fingers are getting itchy – I want to work in the garden! How I wish the rain would stop…..


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