October update

I’ve been so busy with preserving tomatoes and other produce that I have neglected to post updates.  It is such a valuable reference for me in future years, so today I must do it!

Mid October and the garden is still producing. No sign of frost yet, but temperatures are dropping and the days seem so short.
Harvest of vegetables from the garden for soup!  Bouquet garni of herbs, onions, carrots, parsnips, celery, kale, garlic, tomatoes, beans.
Interesting how the butternut have overcome the blight (still evident on the big yellow leaves) which damaged the plants so early in the season. Lots of new healthy growth, which I am forever cutting back in an effort to  concentrate the plant’s energy into ripening the fruit before the first frost. A great crop this year!  I love the flavour of butternut, and the fact that it stores for almost a year.
The second planting of cucumbers (end of July) which was rather late, have been fantastic. Long Vert and Palermo have given us a great crop.  Palermo is the one on the right and is what we call an English cucumber, usually grown in greenhouses.  It is great in my garden!

Snails and slugs continue to be enemy no. 1 in the garden this year and the wetter season has proved ideal for them. Below, Chinese cabbage, have been throughly nibbled, but fortunately the hearts are still fineThe Brassicaceae family  will continue to produce in winter and early spring.  In the foreground and back right, Brussels sprouts, then Calvolo Nero (Tuscan kale) then curly kale (boerenkool from Holland) then purple sprouting broccoli. Cauliflower, hidden from view in the photo, are also producing well.Another favourite this time of year is the spicy lettuce leaves. I plant a mixture of mizuna, rocket and mustards. Lovely in salads, but also stir fried
Bok Choi  is also delicious raw, in stir fries, and in Asian soups.  It gets nibbled by flea beetles 😦


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