Garlic and Tomatoes

Last week I took out the Roma tomato plants to make space for planting garlic. Tomato Mountain Magic has proved to be very resistant to blight and is still producing, but I need to prepare the bed for planting broad beans, so they will come out this week too.

Planted garlic 14/10. Messidrome and the violet Germidour.  Planted 18 x 18 cm apart. Tomato assessment for my records:   Seeded in early March indoors and planted out the first week of May.  This was cutting it fine as far as frost was concerned. Better to plan for mid to late May planting. So plant seeds in April next year.

From top to bottom in photo below:

  • Merveille des Marches (8 plants)
  • Roma (16 plants) Consider 14 next year?
  • Mountain Magic (8 plants)
  • Losetto (cherry tomatoes)  ( 2 x 3 plants in tubs)

I finally think I have found the perfect combination and will plant the same varieties next year.  Merveille is a big juicy tomato great for slicing and for cooking, especially good as a stuffed baked tomato. Roma continues to be ideal for bottling for sauces. The big surprise was the new variety Mountain Magic which produced wonderful tresses of small firm tomatoes for salads. They, and the Losetto, were marketed as blight resistant and have proved to be very hardy. I am still picking both of these now.  Quantities were good, though I might space the Roma a little more next year as the plant is so vigorous.

Bottled tomatoes and peppers. Details for my records too – so I can assess how many I use by this time next year:

Canned Tomatoes
5 x 500ml
59 x 385ml
1x 750ml
Roasted Tomato Passata
17 (various sizes)
Tomato sauce
13 x 375
5 x 500
Tomato soup
8 x 750
Basque tomato (prepared sauce for chicken dish)
5 x 750
5 x 500
Tomato Fennel (prepared sauce for pasta dish)
2 x 750
3 x 500
4 x 600
Peppadews (pickled peppers – delicious stuffed with cream or goats cheese as an antipasto, also sliced in salad)
20 x 300
Grilled Peppers in tomato sauce
12 x 300
13 x 200
1 x 500
Tomato Ketchup
5 x 200

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