It’s final pruning time this year for the espalier fruit trees. I’m thrilled with the pear in the double U – trained against a trellis Craig made for me. The tree has now reached it’s final shape and will only require pruning from now on. No flowers on it this year, but hopefully it will produce some fruit sometime!
The apple Sainte Germaine has also done well, though the top row of branches is a bit curved. Bottom row has reached full width. The Royal Gala is much slower, and has been affected by a blight/scab this year which has caused a lot of leaves to drop. It does have, however, one perfect big apple on it!  The top row still has to form.The slate around the bottom of the two apples is to provide protection from the rain as it falls off the pigsty roof – it was washing away all the soil. The slate has worked well – also forming a bit of a mulch to stop the roots drying out too much in high summer.

2 thoughts on “Espalier

  1. so lovely( long sigh)…I just called an arborist the other day to visit our garden and he said we can save our 45 plus-year-old pear. The cherry and apple died. We have a city lot and dwarf fruit trees. I love those stone backdrops for your fruit trees:-)


    • A rather belated reply! My apologies as I did not see your comment earlier. I envy you having an arborist on hand – I would love to learn more about fruit trees. I am a real novice but I have a wonderful neighbour who is trying to teach me to prune correctly. Are you going to replant a cherry and apple tree?
      The stone backdrop is the local stone that our home and outbuildings is built from. It’s such a glorious colour.


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