Harvests, part II

It is always such a good feeling to be picking vegetables for the kitchen.
Harvesting tomatoes in earnest now and every week I am bottling tomatoes. Great timing as I am down to my last few bottles from last year.
The salad tomato Mountain Magic has proved very successful. Lots of firm, small  tomatoes that are equally good bottled as fresh
Plum tomatoes ripening quickly now too. 
Borlotti beans harvested and now all podded and stored. 
I planted two types of strawberries;  Gariguette, which fruits once in early June and Charlotte which fruits continually from July until the first frost. Charlottes have been very successful and are still fruiting. They are deliciously fragrant.
Gariguette has been less successful. However they were badly damaged by birds while we were away in May, so I am going to give them another year to prove their worth! I refilled the bed and replanted them. In theory, having the two varieties should provide strawberries throughout summer. 
Picking raspberries every day now, though often they don’t reach the kitchen 🙂  They are my favourite berry!

I planted 6 aubergines and still it is too many!
Enormous swiss chard leaves! 

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