Damn badgers!

A week ago, my sweetcorn looked like this:
I woke on Thursday morning to discover this:
I could have wept!  And to make matters worse they came back the next night and finished off the job. There is now one single stalk standing.  They had rummaged around other plants looking for grubs, but fortunately nothing else was badly damaged.

I’ve had badgers cause damage before, and researching on the web I found photos that looked identical to this. Apparently sweetcorn at the milk stage (just not ready to be picked!) is their most favourite food. They knock down the plant, then chew off every single kernel.  Further research explains that it is pointless having a fence as they just dig under it, but that a low electric fence is the best deterrent. So Craig and I spent yesterday resetting my electric fence – adding more strands and making the lowest one about 3″ off the ground. A friend gave us a trap to set, but I think it is too small – but worth a try! 
There are huge fields of maize in the valley below our house. Why couldn’t they have eaten that instead of mine??

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