June update

Mid June and we need rain after some exceptionally hot weather. The grass is browning off earlier than usual. Watering the potager a lot to keep it going!We are harvesting fennel, lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli and courgettes. The picking garden is bing picked!  Runner beans starting to grow fast now:

Borlotto Lingua (speckled borlotti), Haricot Mais – both grown for the actual bean.  Haricot Phenonmene (green bean)  The Borlotti are the most vigorous – the Phenomene seed was old and did not germinate on first planting, so the new planting has been a bit slower than the others.

Melon growing rapidly up the frame. Huge leaves on the right of the photo are the Italian courgettes, which are enormous and very productive. Next year I will only plant one!The last of the parsnips have finally germinated ( Gladiator) Another row of carrots Amsterdam planted. In the bed in the background purple sprouting broccoli on the left. Brussel sprouts on the right and in the bed by the cucumber.Lettuce Sweet Success has been fantastic! It is not too big a plant and the leaves are tasty and crunchy. Will definitely plant this again. Currently netted because birds are digging around them for worms.
Cherry tomatoes growing vigourously! My lemon grass really took a beating this winter, even though it was stored in the slate shed. I am thrilled to see it shooting again. 

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