Early June

We have been away for three weeks. My wonderful neighbour looked after my garden for me and he reported record high temperatures and lots of rain while we have been away, and in that time the garden has flourished. I am amazed by how quickly everything has grown.

As examples – photos on the left taken on May 2 and on the right June 3
Not only have the cherry tomatoes and chillies grown, but notice the grass in the orchard! 
Peas, broad beans, broccoli, fennel  ready to eat
The courgettes are ready too. Sweetcorn has a 100% germination – last year I replanted a couple of times, so I am thrilled with the success this year)
The grape on the front of the house has recovered from the shock of the late frost and is bounding ahead. Raspberries are starting to fruit – the railing Craig made to hold them up is a great success.
Aubergines and peppers
The tomatoes were tiny when we left – they had grown so much that I spent about an hour clearing off side shoots and tying them up yesterday 
Cucumbers starting to fruit. Behind them are sucrine lettuce. First time I have planted them and they are delicious. Tasty and crunchy, and also the perfect size for the two of us.
“Root bed” with carrots, parsnips and beetroot
The potager is looking great!  But the verger (orchard) is a source of frustration. Last year late frost, heavy wind and birds destroyed all fruit. This year we have added heavy rain to the list which knocked off young fruit. Not sure if I am going to reap any fruit again 😦

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