May plantings

I love this time of year when suddenly everything starts to grow.  I get such a thrill out of planting everything in the garden from seed. For me propagation (be it cuttings, bulbs or seeds) is one of the most exciting parts of gardening.  Now I’ve had a busy few days, planting out all the seedlings that started life in our laundry (warm and sunny) then migrated to the open garage (sunny, but not so warm!) In the tubs by the pumpkin patch are cherry tomatoes, Losetto. I grow them in tubs because they are bush tomatoes and need space to spread and hang down. The  “determinate” or “cordon”  tomatoes require staking as you remove all side shoots  to encourage only one upright stem.

In the grey boxes are chillies (still on the search for one that Craig deems hot enough!)

Box 1 (closest to champs L to R)
Jalapeño, Cayenne, Peppadew

Box 2
Cayenne, Espelette, Hot chilli (from SA – took seed from a chilli, no idea of variety)

Box 3  (by cherry tomatoes)
Hot chilli (bought in France) Tabasco,  Habanero

Tomatoes (cordons)

16 x Roma San Marzano (plum, cooking tomato)
8 x Merveille de Marche
8 x Mountain Magic

Celery from last year just starting to bolt at one end, some garlic (I have another full bed of garlic, but these were left overs) at the other.  After the garlic:

Lettuce Leaves Crunchy Blend (CCA – cut and come again lettuce)
Lettuce Jeune Feuilles (CCA)
½ row corainder  ½ row dill
Lettuce Sweet Success (iceberg/romaine cross – intrigued to see how this turns out)
Lettuce Sucrine

In the long bed, closest to the pigsty:

2 Dill and 2 celery
Sweet Success lettuce (2 rows)
Peppadews (the pickled peppadews were very successful last year)
9 Doux d’Espagne (long sweet chilli)
9 Lamunyo Peppers (green/red capsicum)
6 Lunch Box peppers (small sweet salad peppers)
6 Aubergine de Barbantane
In the opposite long bed:

4 Cucumbers Breso
(space for brussels sprouts – which are still too small to plant out)
4 Cauliflower Boule de Neige (smaller heads)
3 Broccoli Sibsey (sprouting brocolli)
16 Fennel Orion
3 Broccoli  Marathon
4 Cauliflower Geant de Hiver
The “root” bed:

3 rows Carrot Amsterdam
2 rows parnsip Gladiator
3 rows Beetroot (betterave de Egypt)

Potatoes have been ridged once – apart from the Sarpo Miras (last row) I bought these later than the others and did not have time to chit them, so they are slower to sprout.

In the next quadrant (clockwise)
4 rows white onions
3 courgettes Zucchino Tiberio (from Italy)
cardboard warming the soil so that I can plant maize here next week!

Next quadrant:
6 Butternut Waltham
2 Melon F1 SV6234MC
2 rows  garlic and red onion

Next quadrant: (picking garden)
2 rows gladioli mixed
Stocks Night Scented
Dwarf Sunflower- Tournesol Nain
Brompton stocks
Zinnia Giant Flowered
Cosmos Sonata Series mixed

Now I just have to hope that deer/boar/badgers/snails don’t eat them all while I am away!





















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