The warmer weather has continued so I have taken a chance and planted my potatoes. It was a good opportunity to clear away stones from this quadrant of the Pumpkin Patch too – and the easiest way was to sit down to do it!  Little basket on my right has the seed potatoes in it – big bag on my left the small stones I removed. Any big stones are collected to make the divide between the quadrants. Ultimately we want to build a stone wall between the Pumpkin Patch and the raised beds.

  • Celtiane
  • Axona
  • Victoria
  • Sarpo Mira

Axona and Sarpo Mira are red potatoes, both Sarpo varieties that show superb resistance to blight. The more I garden, the more I think finding the right varieties to avoid disease naturally is the way to go. Of course, they also have to taste good!

This week I planted in situ:

  • Radish Warta
  • Melange de jejune feuilles (CCA lettuce)
  • Betterave d’Egypt (beetroot)
  • Carrot Chanteney

The broccoli and cauliflower I planted earlier are looking good
The broad beans and peas are starting to flower.  In the background the yellow flowers are kale and boerenkool. The buds and top shoots have been absolutely delicious stir-fried and now the flowers are providing the bees a wonderful source of pollen.The herbs in the herb bin are looking really good
Now all I can hope for is that we do not have a late frost !



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