Spring? Maybe…..

March is always a month of changeable weather and this year is no exception. We’ve had days of sun and 24C, then chilly winds, rain and frost. We’ve had 120mm of rain so far this month and everything is sprouting. It’s an exciting time of year as plants seem to grow by the day.  But today a thick white frost blanketed the field in front of the house. So far, the fruit trees are unaffected – most of them starting to flower now and a heavy first can destroy the buds.

My “Jen’s frogs” are out of winter hibernation and back watching over my potager!
I’ve been busy, and so has Craig. He installed two small cold frames to protect my seedlings. They are on top of one of the raised beds (which will provide warmth) and are set up so that we can take them off and store them once the cold weather is over.
Inside them, seedlings are growing really well.
Planted Parsnip Gladiator and Parsnip Geurnsey, as well as Carrot  Amsterdam on March 13th. Parnsip should be fine, but maybe still a bit cold for carrot?  Only time will tell.

In the raised beds, onions, shallots and garlic are doing well
I’ve planted three rows of white onions this week in the pumpkin patch. The remainder of the red onion seed and garlic planted in November are doing well on the opposite side of the patch.  Holes prepared for the butternut – hoping to reap the onions and garlic before they are smothered by the pumpkins!
Broad beans planted in November are growing well, and the peas which I replanted after winter loss are moving a little more slowly.

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