End of February update

The last day of February and there is a definite feel of a change in seasons.  Longer days and warmer temperatures, though still some very frosty mornings. We’ve also had a lot of rain. I finally have a rain gauge and an app on my phone to record rainfall, so I can accurately say we have had 113mm this month.

I’ve mowed the grass for the first time this week – the grass around the beds grows very fast, nourished by all the manure in the beds no doubt!

Peas and broad beans that were grown indoors have been planted out. Peas taken a bit of a battering from the frost, but I think they will survive.img_7369Seedlings in the laundry have been a great success all round. Dill and bunching onions now potted out and getting acclimatised to outside temperatures (I bring them in at night) and cauliflower and broccoli, ready to be potted out. Very happy that the peppers and chillis (on the right) have sprouted. They need a long growing season, so I need to have them ready to plant out as soon as all danger of frost is over.blg_012-4Bed for carrots and parsnips is fleeced – trying to warm up the soil so that I can seed in situ in about 2 weeks time._blg3404I’m getting ahead with the pumpkin patch too.  Trench for runner beans and holes for pumpkins dug and filled with manure. Trenching started for potatoes. Still digging up big rocks, so lots of material for making the dividing stone walls!blg_012-3 The new angled beds are planted with strawberries. I’m still not convinced about the aesthetics of these beds though C ensures me the angles and spaces are perfectly symmetrical 🙂blg_012-2

Garlic and onions are growing at speed now. Impressive germination rate too.

Seeded this week:

  • Fennel Orion
  • Parsley flat leaf
  • Chilli Jalapeño (I wasn’t impressed by the flavour of the fresh Jalapeños last year, but the dried ones are great!)

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