Last week I started  sowing seeds indoors – trying to get an early start for both tender plants like peppers and aubergines that require a long growing season as well as for an early crop of other vegetables.  The plan is to germinate  them inside  then move them outside under cover once they are established.

My laundry draws up the heat from the fireplace and also traps the sun from the window, so it is proving to be a great greenhouse!img_7296
Peas and broad beans on the left – to fill in the gaps where the young plants have been killed by the cold. Other sowings:
Broccoli Marathon
Cauliflower géant d’hiver
Habanero chilli
Cayenne chilli
Tabasco chilli
Espelette pepper
Lunchbox peppers
Red pepper Lamunyo
Pepper Doux d’Espagne
Aubergine Listada
Bunching onions

Seed potatoes arrived this week, so they are spread out to start chitting.img_7317

It’s exciting to be getting started!

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