Pruning grapes

Now is the time to prune grapes. The advice is to do it  in January / February because you need to do it before the sap starts to rise in warmer weather – do it too late and they weep.   Craig and I went to Cahors on a wine tasting (aka wine buying!) trip this week and all the vineyards were being pruned, so it was a good reminder to get mine done! I was surprised by how little dead wood there was.img_7280Yesterday, rather belatedly, I sprayed all the fruit trees with a winter wash. Did it for the first time last year and I definitely noticed a decrease in the number of aphids. I hope for the same success this year. Aphids can be a menace on apples in particular.  I’ve got to keep my itchy fingers of the secateurs for the meantime – pruning fruit trees is a late winter/early spring  job
The weather has warmed up considerably and we have had some rain. I’ve really enjoyed being out in the potager again, tidying up and preparing the beds for spring.  img_7281I can’t believe how many weeds have survived the freezing conditions in the Pumpkin Patch, but only one quadrant left to clear up.  Ash from the wood fire spread lightly provides potassium.img_7279Broad beans (Aquadulce) and peas (Douce de Provence) sowed indoors yesterday. Hoping to fill the spaces where overwintered ones were killed off in the cold.

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