Onions, peas and broad beans

It seems to be raining every day!  That has made it difficult to do the winter preparations in the potager. But finally we have the onions planted.  I finally took out the pepper plants in order to plant the onions in that box – they were still producing, but I needed the space! Incredible harvest this year.  Harvested the last cauliflower at the same time.img_6767Planting red onions only this winter – plan to plant yellow onions in spring. Variety – Red Baronimg_6768Planted one of the smaller boxes, but with both onions and garlic left over, decided to plant two rows in the pumpkin patch as well.  Hard to see in the photo, but the rows are in the far left.   Big piles of manure ready to top dress all the boxes.  img_6774Planted out the winter peas that I had started in modules. Filled the box with another two rows of peas and 4 rows of broad beans. Covered with netting to stop hungry birds eating the seeds. Broad beans – De Séville à longue cosse. Peas: Douce de Provence
img_6785Also planted out some winter lettuce ; Merveille d’hiver and the last Chinese Cabbage.img_6784And that’s it for this season! I think……  🙂



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