Garlic and Peppers

Last week was garlic planting time. I pulled out the last of the Roma tomatoes (San Marzano) which have been incredible. They  were still fruiting, though they are slow to ripen now._blg3241In their place I planted two varieties of garlic. Purple garlic, Germidour, ( I planted the same last year)  as well as a white garlic Messidrome.  Still some seed left, so I will try planting some in the pumpkin patch .img_6661Moved a selection of chilli peppers into the slate shed to protect them from frost.  I hope they will survive and that I can move them out in the spring. I am not very hopeful, but it’s worth a try.img_6724The peppers and chillis have been an interesting experiment this year:_blg3243Sweet peppers, from left to right:
Bonbon, Sweetbite Yummy (also called Snackbite Yummy Orange) , Doux d’Espagne, Lamuyo red and  Lamuyo green

  • Bonbon was disappointing – slightly thick flesh, masses of seeds and not very tasty.
  • Yummy Orange was superb – crisp like an apple, tasty and sweet and very prolific. Good cooked as well as raw.
  • Doux d’Espagne – my favourite on the braai or baked.
  • Lamuyo – excellent coking pepper_blg3244

Chilli Peppers from left to right:
Peppadew, Long Joe  x 2, Inchanga (from SA) Jalapeño , Ancho, Cayenne

  • Peppadews did not ripen
  • Long Joe – one plant produced red fruit – the other black!  Reasonably hot.
  • Inchanga and Cayenne both mild like Dutch chilli – great for cooking, but not hot enough for Craig
  • Jalapeno – too mild and fruit split as it ripened.
  • Ancho – mild like a green pepper.
  • I also planted Tabasco  and a Habanero ((not shown here).  Both planted later in the season and did not fruit.

Both Jalapeño and Ancho need to be dried, but the Ancho did not ripen in time. Hoping that the plants I have brought under cover will survive – if not I will try getting some to germinate earlier (inside) next year to give them a longer growing season.


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