June update

Its been the wettest June in memory. We had a brief spell of warm weather, then rain, rain rain!  This time last year we were desperate for rain, now we feel like its never going to stop. But I have got a lot done in the potager

Climbing beans – had to replant a few because of snail damage. They are a real pest this year

_BLG2651 Maize also germinated inconsistently.  _BLG2650 Butternut, gems squash and courgette_BLG2649 Cocos (dry shell beans) just starting to germinate_BLG2648 Potatoes  flowering – hopefully we can keep blight away. All the rain does not bode well for the health of tomatoes and potatoes.

_BLG2646 Red cabbage, sprouting broccoli, Romanesco and cauliflower_BLG2645

A range of peppers Lamunyo, Doux d’Espagne, Yummy yellow and a small salad variety 0 need to look up the name!_BLG2644 Next batch of tomatoes in – Merveille, Stupice_BLG2643

Cut and come again salad still very successful for us, but I have planted a few Romaines too_BLG2640

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