April update – potatoes

New potatoes planted 3rd April. Trying a couple of varieties to  see which ones perform well and which ones taste the best!

Have planted 9 of each variety: Sitema, Amandine, Esmerelda and Rosabelle

Other potatoes planted 6th April: Ratte, Charlotte, Victoria.  Hoping that Ratte will provide a good boiling potato, Charlotte a general purpose, and Victoria for frites (chips) and roasting.

2 days later and I am really cursing my neighbour’s dogs. They have been in the garden, digging up the potatoes. I think it is the bonemeal that we put in when we planted that is encouraging them. Going to cover them in fleece to see if that helps. IMG_1075

On a happier note, strawberries looking good and the rhubarb has sprouted very quickly. So too have the weed, unfortunately!IMG_5669

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