Tree planting time

November is the best time for planting trees, and yesterday my order arrived. So we spent the day digging, planting & watering….

Planted an apricot Bergeron, a cherry Biggareau Hatif de Burlat, plum Mirabelle de Nancy and a peach St Hillaire. There are now 19 trees in the orchard. Only 1 space left and it will be full!

We also planted 2 Franquette walnuts in the big pasture. The existing walnuts are old, so this is the start of a replacement scheme.

In our order were 6 new raspberry canes ( Zeva, Heritage & Malling Promise) I’m trying to get a wide range planted so that we have a long season of reaping raspberries.

Last tree to go in was a hazelnut Longue d’Espagne.  I needed this as a pollinator.

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