It was -2 yesterday morning and white with frost. The potager is somewhat protected and when I first looked at it,I thought the plants might just have coped….._BLG1663

But no such luck – tomatoes are completely wimpy plants!  By today they have completely collapsed. So too the pumpkins and I will lose the sweetcorn too.  Welcome to winter!  Peppers have taken a battering, but look like a few might survive (planted them too close, but this might have been what saved them!) Beetroot, fennel, carrots. chard, celery and brassicas all fine, also the young lettuce seedlings and coriander._BLG1675Yesterday I picked as many tomatoes as I could and reaped all the butternut. Glad I did that! The tomatoes that I left on the plants have frozen in places, and are already looking very sick.

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