I must be crazy!

I definitely went overboard with ordering trees!  Not only were there fruit trees, but I also ordered trees to plant along our fence line. _BLG9197I did not expect them all to be bare-rooted (although this is the best way to plant trees) so it was a great rush to get the last of the holes dug and the trees planted.  We were watering the last of them by torchlight and fell into bed exhausted last night!_BLG9205

Almond Texas
Plum Agen
Peach Peche de vigne Jaune
Peach Peche de vigne Blanc
Pear Williams
Hazelnut x 2 Gunslebert
Hazelnut x 2 Merveille de Bolwiller

I will not do this again next year!! But it feels so good to see the orchard taking shape!_BLG9208


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